7 places you should visit in Los Angeles!

Summer 2019, my sister and I visited Los Angeles for the first time. Months before our trip I did a lot of research to plan everything. If you don’t have a lot of time there, you can at least visit 3 places from the list because some of them aren’t far from each others. Down below you will find a map. So let’s see the places!

1. Hollywood Sign

IMG_1628Lake Hollywood Park

I start with the obvious location! If you like to watch movies that takes place in LA, you will see at lease once the Hollywood Sign in it. There are so many ways to see the sign. It depends on you, how much time do you have. But please if you go by an uber or Lyft please don’t put “Hollywood Sign” as a destination, because the driver tries to drive up there (like our did :D) and the streets are only for locals. In the Internet are countless article about the best spots to see the sign.

This website Best Hollywood sign photo spots  will help you to find the right place to take pictures of the Hollywood Sign.

2. Walk of Fame 

All the time the walk of fame was on my list. Honestly, I was a little disappointed and I’m not the only one. If you think about it, there are only stars on the ground with names that you never heard of and its so crowded. But you have to make your own experience, It’s a nice walk and you will get excited if you find a person that you know.

3. Grifith Observatory 


I was really looking forward to see the Griffith Observatory, because it looked so gorgeous. In my opinion, it’s the perfect places to see the skyline of Los Angeles and have you saw a sunset there? It’s a beautiful. My tip for you is, visit this places on a weekday and come early (two hours before) for the sunset to get a spot and walk around.

4. Warner Bros. Studio 

It was a wish of me to see some film locations at the Warner Bros. Studio . We booked the normal tour which was 69$. I think for fans of Tv Shows like Gilmore Girls, Friends, Pretty Little Liars and Big Bang Theory it’s great. But the time is running and you don’t have enough time to see everything and sometime places like the white Pavillon (for example in Gilmore Girls) is closed for filming. Unfortunately, it happens to me and I was so sad that I couldn’t walk on the the street and take pictures.

5. Beverly Hills


The home of the rich people and I total understand it because the houses look gigantic and everywhere are palm trees.  Some places that you can visit there are: The Beverly Gardens Park (Beverly Hills Sign) or the Rodeo Drive. The Shops there are expensive but it’s a nice walk and you will see well dressed people with fancy cars.

6. Santa Monica 


If you would like to swim a little bit, the Santa Monica pier is the right address. It will be crowded but it is one of the must see places in LA. When you are there, visit the Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Park.

7. Venice Beach 


Hands up, who wants to visit the Venice Beach? There are so many things to see and to do. If you want you can rent a bicycle, roller skates or something else to get around. I recommend the Venice Sign, Venice Canals and the Venice Beach State Park. There are so many options and you can also relax on the beach. But don’t forget to put sunscreen with with a good protetion on, otherwise you will get a sunburn like me :D.

If you’re interested in more Instagrammable places check out my last article about LA. I hope that you will have a wonderful time on your trip!


Saskia ❤

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