Bucket list

I started my bucket list because I want to live my life as much as I can. I want to try new things, do things that scares me and I want to visit many places in the world. Now, I’m young, have the energy and the time to do it. But I’t never too late to start a bucket list! If you don’t want to regret things that you didn’t try, please get a pen and a paper to write your goals down. Take your time to think about it. Of course my list can give you some ideas and don’t forget to add things over the years!

Travel experiences:

  1. Visit all continent (3/7)
  2. Travel around the world (more than 3 months)                                                     
  3. See the great barrier reef
  4. Go spontaneous to the airport and take a plane
  5. Go on an African safari
  6. Visit all 16 states in Germany  (9/16)                  
  7. Float in the dead sea
  8. Visit the gate to hell in Turkmenistan
  9. Yellowstone National Park13.-14.08.2019
  10. Travel to all countries in Europe  (4/47)
  11. Visit a friend in her home country
  12. See the pyramids in Egypt
  13. Visit Hawaii √ 17.-24.02.2019
  14. Fly first class
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. Grand Canyon24.07.2019
  17. See the 7 new wonders of the world (0/7)
    • Great Wall of China
    • Taj Mahal in India
    • Petra in Jordan
    • Machu Picchu in Peru
    • Chichen Itza in Mexico
    • Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro
    • Colosseum in Rom
  18. Road trip through the US national parks
  19. Throw a dart on a map and travel wherever it lands
  20. Travel to at least 50 countries in my life (8/50)
  21. Road trip through Iceland
  22. Sand boarding in Africa
  23. Eat pho in Vietnam
  24. Stand on top of the tallest building in the world
  25. Solo road trip
  26. Backpacking through 5 countries
  27. See the tulip fields in Netherlands
  28. Visit the Zhangjiajie national forest park in China
  29. Hike the stairway to heaven on Oahu
  30. Celebrate the Oktoberfest in Munich
  31. Party in Las Vegas    
  32. Stand on the edge of preikestolen & Kjeragbolten in Norway 

Sport activities: 

  1. Try pole dance
  2. Skydiving
  3. Bungeejumping
  4. Play paintball
  5. Standup paddeling √ 2018
  6. run a marathon
  7. Try zip lining
  8. Play Lasertag
  9. Play glow in the dark mini golf
  10. Dog sled
  11. Play Squash
  12. Play the arcade dance game
  13. Drive with a jet ski
  14. Learn to dance contemporary

Crazy things: 

  1. Sing karaoke
  2. Be hypnotized
  3. Dye my hair in a crazy color
  4. Skinny dive
  5. Ride a mechanical bull
  6. Inhale helium
  7. Sleep in a haunted house
  8. Swim with sharks                                                                            
  9. Let yourself dig in sand to the neck
  10. Dance crazy in public
  11. Order food middle of the night
  12. Swing from a rope into a lake
  13. See a tornado with my own eyes
  14. Feel an earthquake
  15. Aply to a reality show
  16. Dancing in the rain
  17. Diner in Dark
  18. Throw a theme party
  19. Take part in a masquerade ball
  20. Get a tattoo
  21. Take photos in a photo booth with someone                                                         
  22. Visit an escape room
  23. Play with an Ouija Board
  24. Go ghost hunting
  25. go to an Audition (movie/ Tv show ect.)
    •  get a little role
  26. See an active volcano
  27. Wear a dress from the past
  28. Photobomb a stranger
  29. Sleep a night in a car
  30. Shot a gun
  31. Go to a speed dating event
  32. Been in a police car

What I want to do/ experience: 

  1. Living abroad  2018-2020
  2. Be an Au pair in the US2018-2020
  3. Move to BerlinJuly 2020
  4. Visit a festival (Coachella, Tomorrowland, Rock am Ring…)
  5. Holi festival
  6. Go to the opera18.01.2020
  7. Fly in a helicopter
  8. See the northern lights
  9. Sleep under the sky
  10. Swim with dolphins
  11. Travel with a hot air ballon
  12. Take a DNA test
  13. Ride in a limousine
  14. Watch 5 movie classicer
  15. Read 5 book classicer
  16. Watch a broadway show
  17. Let go of a floating lantern
  18. Go wine tasting
  19. Bathe in hot spring
  20. Try Couchsurfing
  21. See the sunrise at the beach
  22. Get a henna tattoo
  23. Play the lottery
  24. Visit a drive in cinema
  25. Whale watching
  26. Bake my own bread
  27. Swim in the moonshine
  28. Watch a ballet performance live
  29. Plant a tree
  30. Drink milk straight from a coconut √ ca. 2015
  31. Drive an old car                                                                                  
  32. Take a professional ballet lesson
  33. Visit a fashion show
  34. Buy a piece at a second hand store
  35. Ice skating: pirouette and drive backwards
  36. Ride with a motorcycle
  37. Ride a segway
  38. Have a spa day
  39. Bake a cake by myself
  40. See a shooting star
  41. Go an a cruise
  42. Speak another language fluent besides German and English
  43. Learn American sign language
  44. Invest in stocks
  45. Go to the movie by myself
  46. Backstage on a concert
  47. Give a speech at a Weeding
  48. One week without social media
  49. Get a fish pedicure
  50. Go on a business trip
  51. Take a photo everyday for a year
  52. Party on a yacht
  53. Attend a baby shower
  54. Visit a lavender farm
  55. Have an article about me in a newspaper
  56. Attend a movie premiere
  57. Watch the sunrise and sunset at the same day
  58. Get braids
  59. Have a professional photo shoot
  60. Have my palm read
  61. Sleep in a capsule hotel
  62. Ride a tandem bike
  63. Explore a mirror maze
  64. Party in one of the Spanish islands
  65. Make a smoothie by myself
  66. Support a godchild from a poor country
  67. Go alone in a disco
  68. Stand under a waterfall
  69. Gamle in a casino
  70. Spray graffiti
  71. Attend a public trial
  72. Know where every country is on the map
  73. Sleep in an Ingloo
  74. Sleep in an underwater room
  75. Sleep in a tree house
  76. Confess to someone that I like him
  77. Play chess
  78. Win a competition

Personal goals:

  1. Work in a cinema
  2. Work in a fashion store Since July 2021
  3. Donate blood
  4. Learn to control my dreams
  5. Get married
  6. Be a bridesmaid
  7. Have a kid
  8. 100 hours volunteer work
  9. Have an organ donation card 10.04.2017
  10. Do an internship abroad
  11. Create a family tree Since 2013
    • Find out something interesting/ secret about my ancestors
  12. Register as a stem cell donor
  13. Have an income from my blog


  1. Get a portrait
  2. Draw myself
  3. Write a poem and like it
  4. Write 25 diaries (6/25)                                                      
  5. Write a letter to my future self 10.02.2021 = Open 10.02.2026
  6. Send a message in a bottle                             
  7. Knit a scarf
  8. Publish a book
  9. Draw something from Bob Ross
  10. Write a love letter
  11. Finish my US scrapbooks
  12. Do Ceramics
  13. Write a fan letter
  14. Create my own magazine cover
  15. Start a bullet journal 28.05.2021
  16. Make pottery

I hope you found some inspiration!


Saskia ❤

22 thoughts on “Bucket list

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      1. Saskia's travel blog <3

        Thank you! I know it’s a long list but I want to do as many things as I can in my life 🙂


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    1. Saskia's travel blog <3

      Thank you! Unfortunately there aren’t a completely underwater hotel but it would be cool. I meant sleep in a underwater room. Then you’re right, it’s like sleeping in an aquarium 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. liviaaugusta7

    Ooh, I need to make a list like this! One of my major goals is to visit all 50 US states. So far I have been to 42! And I also want to learn ASL 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Alisha Williams

    I love the bucket list idea! I also have one with all of the places that I would like to travel to. I will have to add Visit the gate to hell in Turkmenistan to my list. It looks soo amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Saskia's travel blog <3

      Thank you! 🙂 Yes, the gate to hell look really impressive. There are so many beautiful places out there!


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