Drive through the Death Valley National Park

On February 2020, my parents visited me and we did a road trip through the west states of the US. One of our stops were the Death Valley National which I really wanted to see and it was totally worth it. The national park is located in east California and some parts are in Nevada. You will find completely different nature at the view points. This are my top 4 places there! 

1. Badwater Basin

The badwater basin is the lowest point in North America with a depth of 86 meters (282 ft) below sea level. We visited the Death Valley in winter and even then, was it pretty warm. So we didn’t go the whole way to the view point. Don’t forget to wear sun protection! To avoid the crowd visit the Badwater Basin in the morning and then it isn’t that warm.

2. Dante’s view 

I’m glad that we went up the hill to get this great view! From up in 1,669 m (5,476 ft) height seems the world so small. You even see the Badwater Basin down below. My dad and I went for the short walk on the left side. There you have the chance to see more of the beautiful nature around you.

3. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

The first time, we just drove by. Later I reget it that we didn’t stop there. I don’t want to miss that awesome spot because I’ll only visit this place once. So the next day, we drove 30 minutes from our hotel back to see it and we couldn’t done it better because we caught the last sunbeams. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go very far due it was getting dark. I really recommend to visit the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes on sunset. Don’t forget to come early because it will be crowded. 

4. Zabriskie Point 

The last view point of my list is the Zabriskie Point. When you parked your car, you have to go a little bit up to reach the point. Once you at the top, you will find many information boards and a great view of the rock formations. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t visit the Artist Palette in the Death Valley. Just recently, I saw awesome photos of it on Instagram. If you have time check it out! 

Did you visit the Death Valley national park and which view point did you like the most? 


Saskia ❀

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