The way to become happier in life! / STOS #1

Hey! I hope everyone is fine!

Lately, I thought that I want to try something new. Maybe once per month I post my thoughts to a topic which going through my mind. That’s why I called it STOS, Saskias Thoughts On Sunday. I know it’s not really creative but I want to keep it simple. I hope that I can help someone who is in the same situation, inspire you to do something that you never done before or just share my opinion.

In the last two months I toke an online course on Coursera which was about “The Science of Well-Being” from the Yale University. Surprisingly, it is completely free and I was curious to try it out because I wanted to learn to be happier in life and with myself. On the website “Coursera” are many more courses, some of them costs you something but you will get a certification. In my course, we talk a lot about happiness statices in so many arenas and how we can be productive and satisfied in our daily routine. While, I did the section, I said: “Sure, I know that and this!”. Over and all we all know which things we have to do but we don’t do it. So it was great to take a closer look and put my focus more on it. Of course, I learned other techniques and I would like to share it with you!

One really important aspect of feeling good and have energy for the day is: sleep. While, we resting our immune system is strengthened, we process our day and the information we learned are saved. That’s why sleep is essential. So 7-8 hours per day is the perfect amount of time. If we don’t sleep enough, we can’t hardly process new information, reminder things and we are in a bad mood and tired. Also a lot of sleep is not healthy.  I recommend to wake up and go bed at the same time each day. The routine is really important for the body, but I know it’s much harder to do it at the end.

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The next point on the list is, the weekly exercise! I guess that you heard it since school. But nowadays, it’s more important than ever. Why? We spend more and more time at the desk, on the couch and eat unhealthy food. You can change your behavior right away! Try to use your bicycle more and go for a walk in the nature. You don’t have to become super fit but a little bit sport will do a lot for your heart, circulation and metabolism. I recommend to find a trainings partner, like a family member, friends or you can sign up in a sport group. Then it’s important to find something that you like, like home workouts for the full body, yoga, dancing, soccer, volleyball. There are so many option and you will find the perfect exercise for you. Don’t forget to build a routine, so fixed days and times. Sport gives you the discipline and energy to be productive on your day. Let’s get fit together!

Another point of well-being is social connection. The human is a social creature. That’s why it is important to be around with people that you like. Happiness is the only thing that you can share and it makes you richer. Find a new hobby, be a volunteer or do something else to meet other people.

Your day was really stressful and your head is full with things that you worry about? Maybe meditation can help you. Our mind is working the whole day and sometimes we need a break. Only 5-10 minutes per day can help you to be calm, to reduce stress, to be happy and allow a change in your life.


For which things are you grateful? Perhaps you have to think about it. It’s okay, take your time! In our daily routine has expressing gratitude only a small part. So try to write something down for which things are you grateful, everyday. Be kind to other people. Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. A random act of kindness comes with a host of positive benefits and it increase your social connection. Go out and do each day something nice, like smile to strangers, be a volunteer, donate money, help an old person across the street. There are so many ways to be kind and it make feel you better.

The last two points of the list is goal setting and savoring. For the goal setting you can think about what you want in your life, like which job to you do and your personal goals (like fitness). I started a bucket list and it helps me to have a lists which things that I want to try, which goals I have and which places I want to see. Take your time to think about a joyful and happy event in your life. Did you appreciate it while it happed? Savoring can help you to remember the good stuff that happen to you in life and it increase gratitude. Enjoy the little things and be in the moment!

There are so many more things that you can do for your well-being, like spend less time on social media or a technical device, write diary or spend more money in experience than in material things. Think about what is a negative aspect in your life that you would like to change. Choose one to three of them and try to integrate it in your daily routine.

Only you can change something in your life! Good luck!


Saskia ❀

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