8 Reasons to travel alone once in your life

I think we all know someone who traveled alone in our life or on social media and the person told you with shining eyes and a huge smiley about their adventures. Dangerous as well as lovely moments and you wonder, how this person had the courage to just do it. Being alone on the other side of the world. Maybe it scares you. But it shouldn’t.

Here are 8 reasons to travel alone:

1. No travel companion:

Let’s be honest! We are all busy with our lifes and sometime friends and family members don’t have at the same time vacation as you. That shouldn’t stop you to visit the destination of your dreams. Of course it’s sad not to share the experiences with a person that you like. But you would regret it that you didn’t take the chance to explore the world, even alone.

2. No compromisses:

If you like to recherché hours and hours about places that you would like to visit, like me, it sad not to see it at the end. Because your travel companies is not interest in it or want to do something else. That would be depressing, considering the chance is really high that you will visit the destination only once in your life. Some people like to do only a tour to the important attractions of the city or country, others like to learn more about the culture or only want to see the nature of the country. Personal preferrers are different and that’s okay. You can decided how long you stay on each adventure and you don’t have to make compromises.

3. It’s easier to make friend:

It’s not impossible to travel with friends and get to know many people. But it’s a little different when you travel alone. Humans are social beings, as much as we enjoy spending time alone, sometimes we need company. On your journey you will meet like-minded people who love to travel, maybe they also go on an adventure for the first time alone, are lonely or just want to have a good time. Be openminded! Due to many similarities, you will have a lot of topics to talk about. Who knows, maybe you will travel together for a certain time and become friends. It’s great to know people all over the world who you can visit somedays.

4. Get out of your comfort zone:

Well the comfort zone is a  nice place, isn’t it? But You can’t develop if you stay in it. Be brave to step out of it. First it will be a challenge but with each experience of your adventure you get the chance to learn something from it. Otherwise you will keep asking yourself what if I have done it and trusted myself more. You don’t like to talk to strangers? You are afraid of heights? Challenge accepted!

 5. Get to use to be alone:

You will be the only person who will spend the most time with you in you life. So strange as it sounds. That’s why it’s important to learn being alone and don’t feel sorry for it or have to explain it. You don’t have to be around people all the time and sometimes it’s not possible. It hasn’t to be bad spending time alone. Furthermore, everyone should learn it.

 6. Get to know you better:

Sometime you forget what you are capable of. You don’t try new things because you stay in the same routine for years. Well, when you travel alone you get the chance to think about your life. Are you happy? What would you change? Which are my weaknesses? Which are my strengths ? Maybe you discover more sites of yourself on your journal that you didn’t know. Then you can work to improve them over the time.

   7. Confident:

You are responsible for everything that you do and plan. Talking to people, booking flights, asking for directions and many more things. You will get to know so many people. That’s why you can be really proud of you that you did all this things by yourself. Like I said you will think more about your life and improve your skills. The result is gaining confident from it.

  8. Be spontaneous:

Sometimes the best plan goes wrong and you have to make quick decisions about your travel adventure. It can be really exhausting but you will become relaxer with unknown situation and challenges. In hostels you will meet many people and maybe you get the possibility to travel with others who are also alone. Often are the spontaneous trips the best because so many great thinks happen that you weren’t prepared of. But keep your eyes open and don’t go with everybody on a trip. Trust your gut!

I hope that you are courage to go on an adventure alone after the post! You don’t have to travel around the world. Maybe you start with discovering your next big city and then you increase slowly the process of being alone. After that you are ready for a longer travel trip or you can jump the the cold water right away and begin with a bigger trip. Believe in yourself!

Traveling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life changing expericene of your life. Try it at less at once. ♥



19 thoughts on “8 Reasons to travel alone once in your life

  1. I started traveling solo for the first time when I was 30 or 31. Needless to say, I was quite nervous about it, even though it was a deliberate move to see the world from another perspective and get out of my comfort zone. This first solo trip has been a total gamechanger and life-changer, even! I indeed got to know myself on a much deeper level, and I have been traveling independently as much as possible ever since. Loved reading this post just now – it sparked so many memories!

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    1. Saskia's travel blog <3

      It’s so great that you learned so much of travelling alone! Indeed the experience is so game changing and life changing 🙂


    1. Saskia's travel blog <3

      Yes, it’s more difficult to travel alone when you have a family… I hope you get the chance to travel alone in the future


  2. I have travelled solo for the latter part of my life. As long as you are sensible, there is no issue with safety, and it can be immensely satisfying being able to stay for as long as you want, leave when you want, do what you want, without pandering to the need of a travel companion. When you are alone, I think you observe so much more of your surroundings. It is an experience that is quite cathartic.

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