Update April 2021


the past weeks I didn’t have motivation and I still haven’t it. There are so many things that I need to do. Instead of doing the tasks, I procrastinate, over and over again. Each day, I think, now I’ll do everything on my list. Go to bed earlier, write something for my blog, write my applications for an internship and many more duties and small things. Each time I fail. 

Because of my online lessons, I spend most of the day at my laptop and it’s exhausting. Honestly, I need a vacation and if I do all the tasks, I can relax. So it’s my own fault. It would be good to go for a walk but the weather is not that great here. It’s crazy that May starts tomorrow. Where did the month go? 

Well, that were some thoughts for the months. I hope the next month will be better. Take care and we can do it!  


Saskia ❤


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