Small Souvenirs for yourself!

Today, I would like to talk about souvenirs. Before my au pair year started, I didn’t think about it. I don’t know why but in my opinion it is cool to bring something home. My hints aren’t only for au pairs but that’s my target group for my blog. If you like travel and didn’t want to spend so much on souvenirs or you don’t have much space in the luggages, you’re total right here!


I’ll share some ideas what you can collect on your trip. Some of them are obviously, some not.

  1. Postcards: I love and I collect them. It’s really easy because every tourist shop have postcards. I can recommend to go to different shops because the quality of the pictures are sometimes not so good and buy more than one card (often cheaper, f.e. 5 cards for 4$). The reason is, you can write to your friends and family or you have more choice for your own. Isn’t it cool to have a postcard wall in your room that show you where you was?! But the main reasons to buy postcards are, they are cheap and small, perfect for your full luggage.

2. Sticker: Stickers is also a cheap option for souvenirs, but it’s harder to find it in a tourist shop and like the postcards, it is small. You can make it on a luggage, laptop, in your scrapbook or whereever you want.

3. Keychains: You have many keys and you need cool keychains? Then, I think to buy keychains as a souvenir are perfect for you. It looks good and with them you can show everybody where you was.

4. Magnets: Some people have a magnet fridge or a magnetic board and they like to decorated it with magnets. Are you one of them? Then listen very carefully. Many tourist shops have them and you can collect magnets as a souvenir. It’s a little bit more expensive than a postcard but it looks great and it’s small.

More things that you can collect are matchboxes, patches, shot glasses, cups, the jewelry (like earrings, rings, chain, bracelets), city guide cards, flight tickets, small typical symbol of the city (Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge…), T-shirts, caps and more.


Its depends on you what do you like, how much do you want to spend on souvenirs  and how much space do you have. Have fun to collect your cool souvenirs!



❤ treatyoubetterwiths

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