Visit the High School Musical locations

Summer 2019, my sister and I visited Salt Lake City, Utah. Of course, we also wanted to visited the iconic High School Musical locations and now there is a tv show which I haven’t watch yet. The film location is actually a School, called “East High School”. If you want to visit it, please check out the visitor times. At the entrance go right and you will get a map with the film places! πŸ˜‰

1. In front of the School

Unfortunately, we went the weekend before the school reopen (after summer break), so the school was full with students who decorated the halls and teachers who prepared the materials for the classrooms. I even learned the dance in front of the school but there wasn’t space to dance it and it was a really hot day! 

2. Gym 

Just like a typical American Gym, only this one is famous. I really like the white and red concept! I regret that I didn’t try to play basketball there but the ground were just been wiped and the Gym seem smaller than the movie.  

3. Sharpay’s locker 

Look what I found! Sharpay’s pink locker. Everyone seem the same and you hardly find the locker of Troy or Gabriella but Sharpays you will find easy.

4. Cafetaria 

The Cafetaria was nice decorated. Months before the visit, I watched the movies with an au pair friend and we learned the dances. A Cafeteria like that would be nice as a students but I’m not in school anymore. 

5. Hallway 

Do you remember the scenes were everybody danced and run through the hallway? Since my childhood, I loved to watch American movies and felt in love with the American High Schools. I don’t know why but they seems so cool.

That was the spots to visit at the High School locations! Of course there are many more! The next time I watch HSM I’ll be:” Oh, I saw the place with my own eyes and I walked down the hall”, haha :D. 


Saskia ❀

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