Which things do I have to do when my Au pair year ends

I know… you prefer not to think about it but unfortunately every Au pair adventure has to end. I recommend to start 2 months before your time ends, to think about what you have to do. Because there is much to think about and you will reget it later that you didn’t start earlier.

First of all! Do you want to do a travel month? Which cities and places do you still want to see. Now, you have the time to travel before you start a new live in your home country again. Which places are still on your list near you? A waterfall, a museum or a beautiful spot? Don’t wait! 

Here is a list with things that you have to do you before your au pair year ends!

  1. Flight back: Talk with your agency on which day do you want to flight back.
  2. Plan your travel month: Do you want to travel? If your answer is yes, how long and where? Keep in mind that you have to wait with the end planning of your travel month but you can start with booking the first weeks. 
  3. Which places do you still want to visit near you?
  4. Write application for your home country! What are your plans when you going back? Do you want to do an internship, study, start a job or something else? It’s good that you have plans, so you’re not getting sad and that you start your new life!
  5. Collage/ University credits: Make sure that you have a prove of the 72 hours or 6 credits at the university, collage or a weekend class for the J1 Visa (US Au pairs). This make your that you will not have problems to apply for another visa in a few years. Upload your certificates on your au pair account not later than a month before your leaving day, make sure you have everything
  6. Thing about a goodbye gift for your host family! When I left it was really hart for me and I wanted to stay in memory. So there are so many option. You could write a letter, buy flowers, make a photo album, print a nice family picture with you and frame it, cook for them or craft something. Be creative! 
  7. Look through your stuff! Do you really need to bring everything to your home country? I guess that you have clothes or things that you can donate, sell or trow in the trash. 
  8. Buy a luggage! To be honest, in one or two years we buy so much stuff even we don’t need it. My tip is, to start packing early so that you know that everything fits. If not you can buy a second, or third luggage, send a package home (it will be expensive) or put some of your stuff in the luggage of your family and friends when they visit you. 
  9. Cancel the bank account: Talk with your American bank, if you have an account. I did it after my travel month, so that I can use the money on the account. I got the rest in cash. But if you have a lot money in your account please talk early with your bank. 
  10. Meet your friends: Saying goodbye to your friends is not easy. You met so many nice people on your journey. You could trow a goodbye party, have dinner together or you meet the friends separate and spend with them great hours. Make plans when you’re meet again after the au pair time. 

I hope, that I could help you to do everything before journey ends. More adventures are waiting. Maybe you start a bucket list to have new goals! 


Saskia ❤

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