Homesick/ Tips against it

Homesick… I guess everyone had an experience with it. Honestly, I miss my home in my first year but I wasn’t really sad. Some of my friends were homesick because they didn’t felt welcome in their home families and it was hard for them. They are so many reasons for homesickness.

Before, I came to the United States I thought about it and I decided to try to Skype and Facetime with my family once per week. Of course we also write on WhatsApp. Not every day but if we have something interesting to tell or we send phots in the group. For that we use a family group with my parents and my siblings. A few weeks ago I was homesick, too. It was the switch between the first and the second year and the reasons were: the upcoming 50 birthday of my dad, the golden wedding of my grandparents ( marriage for 50 years), 2 friends going home and I didn’t plan any trips in the near time (because I’ll save my money for my summer vacation).

First I thought, how it would be, to be home after my first year. I’ll be on the family parties, seeing my friends and start a new life. But of course; months ago I decided to stay for another year. I want to travel more, become confident, improve my English skills and so on. So, struggle if the decision was right. I wasn’t happy but it didn’t had something to do with my host family. I’m not the person who impress their feelings open. That’s why I didn’t tell that my host family on the first day but I try to write with my family at home. The different time zones was a problem and I thought it will last for a moment but it didn’t. On the second day, I told my host dad that I’m homesick. It wasn’t easy for me but my host dad was super understanding and try to help me. Later in the day he got me flowers and my host mum give me a big huge and brought me my favorite food. I was really thankful and I felt better. The feeling of going home, gone away and now I’m more confident to live the second year in Seattle. So here are my tips for homesickness. I hope it will help you, because every person is different to process homesickness.

  1. Talk with your family/ friends at home and with your host family and friends here!
  2. Try to distract you!
    1.  meeting friends!
    2. watch tv shows and movies!
    3. read a book!
    4. go shopping!
  3. Write down what is in your mind (like a diary/ day thoughts)! 
  4. Meet new people!
  5. Plan the next trip!
    1. Do a list of your favorite destinations!
    2. Do a list of things that you want to see!
    3. Looking for flights and hostel/ airbnb and hotel!
  6. Be creative!
    1. Draw a picture!
    2. Write a story!
    3. Taking photos!
  7. Make your room comfortable!
    1. travel photo on the wall!
    2. Clean up your room!
    3. Buy some decoration!
  8. Do a beauty day! (Mask, hot shower, wear make up…)
  9. Think positive! You decided to be here and keep saying the reasons why you doing that!

For one day or two It’s okay to let the feeling of homesick out, cry, eat ice cream and be lazy (not in the working time ;D). But then it’s important to keep you busy. That you don’t have a chance to think about your home. I read article about tips against homesickness and often I read: “meet new people”, I write it also down on my list but honestly it didn’t help me, rather it was exhausting for me. For me, it was too many new people at the same time, some of them knew each other (so not really a chance to talk with them) and they were so talk actively. So find out what works best for you. The time of being homesick will go away. Stay strong!



❤ threatyoubetterwiths

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