Why I am become a Cultural Care Ambassador!

Now, I live in the United States for one year and I learned so much. Before my au pair, I never thought that I’ll change like that. In a positive way! We become more independent and we have to find our ways in a different country.
On the path, I would like to help new au pairs. I’m a person who want that people are happy. In this case that young people have a great time as an au pair.
I’m the right person for helping others. With my experience that I made in my first year, I am a good contact person for prospective and new au pairs. (For example: missed the flight, travel alone, find new friends and so on).
Also a good thing is, that I stay for a second year, so I’ll getting more experiences. If I don’t have an answer of some things, I’ll do researches to assist with problems. Everyone deserves a great year! So if you have questions about being an au pair in America, please ask me! πŸ˜‰



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