Update New Blog Name !!

Hello people,

It’s only a short update but I have so much planning for the next weeks. Stay in tunes! It’s time for something new. I gave it a long thought to change the name of my website. Almost three years ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to write on my blog and now I found my niche. Traveling, au pair topics and my personal life. I’m so happy to share that with you! Now my website name is Saskia’s Travel Blog and the Blog name is Saskia’s Au Pair Blog. At the moment I’m super excited to do creative stuff, like my scrapbook (a post to that will come) and my blog. Finally, I want to try to grow my website and be more open for new things. It’s getting warmer and my mood getting better and better. If you want fast updates , you can follow me on Instagram. I try to post one picture per week and I share some pictures and videos in my story.


Saskia ❤

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