Create a vision board (step by step)!

Are you ready to work on your dreams and goals? This visual tool will help you to go for it. Complete the things that you want in your life through pictures, quotes and words. 

For a long time, I wanted to create a vision board. While COVID-19 started, I asked myself which desire and plans I have for my life. On the internet I saw so many great board and I was inspired to do my own.  It may sounds ridiculous but I though, which things I would regret not to do or to try when I die soon. I don’t want to look back when I’m getting older and see that I didn’t follow my dreams. Most of the people don’t want to think about, that our time on the earth is limited.

Why not make the best of it?

Step 1:

Now, you know what a vision board is. But what are your dreams and goals? Take your time to think about it and write everything down what comes through your mind. 

If you don’t know how to start. I’ll help you with some categories:

Career: Which job are you interested in?/ Do you have a favorite company that you would like to work for?/ What further education can I do to become more successful?/ Internship?/ University?/ Online courses?  ….

Family and friends: See them more often?/ Stay in touch?/ Make more friends?/ Brake up with fake friends?….

Health and fitness: Loss weight?/ Eat healthily? / Become more fit?/ Try a new sport?/ Gain weight?/ Make more homemade meals?/ Try new recipes?/ Drink more water?/ Feeling good in your skin?…

Free time/ hobbies: Volunteer?/ Find time for your hobbies?/ Start a new hobby?/ Read more?/ Start a blog?/ Start a youtube channel?/ Spend less time on the phone and laptop?/ Visit all museums nearby? ….

Motivation: Which things motivate you?/ Which things make you happy?/  Favorite quotes? ….

Character and skills development: Which things I want to change?/ Which books and documentaries are out there to help me develop?/ Which skills do I want to improve or learn? ….

Travel: Which cites I want to visit? / Which countries?/ Work and travel?/ Travel alone?/ Au pair?/ One year traveling? ….

Step 2: 

Look through old magazines and newspaper to find words, pictures and quotes to fits your goals. I used my old magazines which I collected when I was a teenager. I looked through more than 30 magazines :D! You can also use the internet for it and print it out or create your own tools for your vision board. I would say cut more out than you need. Unfortunately you will not find, exactly every word that you looking for but you can use generic terms to describe it. Yes, the following photo are all the words, quotes and pictures that I cut out. It was a lot of work but at the end it was total worth it. 

Step 3:

Now you have everything that you need. Get a white sheet of paper and try which things looks the best together. Personally, I classify it in four categories: motivation, sport and health, hobbies and; career and character development. It’s important that you make your vision board for your own. That’s why, you should take your time to organization it. Move the words, quotes and pictures around, as often as you need. You like it? Perfect! Glue it together before someone mess it up. πŸ˜‰

Step 4:

If you want, you can color your categories to get a better overlook or you can put some stickers on it. It’s your choice. Now, it’s important to find a good spot for your vision board. I hung it over my desks. Ask yourself on which places you will see it over and over again. Because its significant to have your goals and dreams in front of your eyes. Good luck! 

If you don’t have the time or a vision board is nothing for you, you can write a Bucket list. 

If you need some ideas, here is my bucket list. 


Saskia ❀

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