8 places you should not miss in Seattle (Washington)

For two years, Seattle was my home. I only lived a few minutes away from downtown. So I enjoyed to walk around the city and see many places as I could. Here are my top places that you have to see in Seattle. If you don’t have much time, I recommend to spend two days or a weekend there. If you want to see more of the beautiful nature you will need more time! 

1. Space Needle 

Obviously the space needle is on the first place because Seattle is famous for it. You will have enough photo spots to take a picture of it and if the weather is good, I recommend to go up. The view over Seattle is fantastic! You can buy your ticket online or just buy it under the Space Needle. If you want to see more pictures check out my monthly au pair post on October 2019. 

2. Pike Place Market 

The Pike Place Market is also a famous place in Seattle. There are many small shops with souvenirs and art, restaurant and you can buy fresh fish, flowers and countless other things. Take your time and to explore the area in the crowd. The “Gum wall” is also location there. 

3. Kerry park

You mind saw the Kerry park in Grey’s Anatomy already. Otherwise it’s a perfect spot to observe Seattle. And there is the Space Needle again in the photo! πŸ™‚ It will be crowed. 

4. Seattle Pier

The pier is good to take a long walks. You can eat in many fish restaurants, enjoy the view of the mountains and the city, ride with the great wheel and go souvenirs shopping. Yes, in the photo we had a lot of snow in the city. πŸ˜‰ 

5. Columbia Center

The Columbia Center is the tallest building in Seattle height of 933 ft (284 m). So it’s the perfect place to get an overlook of Seattle. If the weather is nice you can see the mountains and the landscape around you. Isn’t it a great view? Everything seems so small. The ticket price is around 20 $. 

6. Gas work park

One of many parks in the Seattle.  I came there to meet friends, because you can lay down on the grass. I also spent 4th of July there. We had a big firework and every spot at the park was taking it was so crowded! Sometime there are some concerts or food trucks on a special days. Maybe you watch “10 things I hate about you” with Heath Ledger, the movie was filmed there. 

7. University of Washington

The University of Washington was founded in 1861. Pretty old, right? I recommend to visit the UW in March to see the cherry blossoms trees. It’s really beautiful. Take a walk on the campus to see the splendid buildings and don’t forget to take a look in the Suzzallo library. It’s free for visitors. Just check the opening hours to not stand in front of closed doors. Doesn’t it look like the Harry Potter hall? 

8. Brainbridge Island ferry 

I love the view of Seattle’s skyline! If you’re lucky you get a great day or night without rain. Honestly this photo was not taken on the Brainbridge Island ferry but I think the view is the same. You will also get a fantastic outlook of the mountains. They are always covered with snow.  


Saskia ❀

8 thoughts on “8 places you should not miss in Seattle (Washington)

    1. Saskia's travel blog <3

      Thank you! The view from the space needle is really nice! The Chihuly garden looks good. I’ll visit it when I’m back in Seattle


    1. Saskia's travel blog <3

      Thank you! Unfortunately, I wasn’t 21 at that time, so I couldn’t check out the pubs.
      The Moore coffee shop and the Zeitgeist are nice cafΓ©s πŸ™‚


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