May 2021


and again another month is over. Now, it’s already the middle of the year. It doesn’t feel like it. Finally the weather is getting better, so I can go outside more often and the incidence values of COVID-19 decrease. Then I can meet friends again and explore the city. In the beginning of May I met a friend and we walked along the Spree in Berlin. It was great to see a friend again after such a long time. But unfortunately, I didn’t manage to write a blog post this month either. However, it’s on my list for June.

What happened in May?
Well, I was scrolling through Pinterest and I discovered the bullet journal. I knew it existed but I didn’t dare to try it out yet. But the time had finally come. I wanted a change in my life. That’s why I ordered the bullet journal and last Friday I started with the book. It is a practical tool to keep track of your habits, sleep, how much you drink and many more tracker. You decide what you want to write in your bullet list. It can be a to do list, a calendar, a creative book or everything at ones. My blog is about traveling so of course I decided to put some travel pages in it and my bucket list. I’m so excited to use it in June and I hope I can travel again soon, so I’ll have new content for my blog. πŸ™‚



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