June 2021


this months is another update because so much happened during the month and I hadn’t time to finish a blog post.  I still have a lot of blog posts in work and many ideas. So stay tunes! 🙂 

How was June for me? 

Actually pretty good. Because I got an internship for my apprenticeship and a part time job in a store. The life in Berlin is slowly starting again and I can’t wait to get to know everything better. Like visiting museum, concerts, bars, parks and so on. I’m on the way to live the life, I always wanted to. Maybe next month I’ll start to work on my bucket list again. The list is huge and it will take some time to do everything on it. In the beginning of June, I went to the castle Charlottenburg which was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, I didn’t go inside the castle and I didn’t took pictures of me before the castle but the next time I’ll do it. Two weeks ago, I surprised my parents for their 25th wedding anniversary which was really nice and I saw my family again and seend some time with them. 

I hope that I can travel in my summer vacation. Even just in Germany that’s fine with me. I just need some fresh air and a new city to explore. 




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