Review of 2021


it’s been a while since I uploaded the last post. Life happened and now we are two months in the new year. Unbelievably. In December, I got a message from WordPress that this blog exist since 5 years. It feels like yesterday that I uploaded my first post. Even I don’t post much last year I’m proud how my blog has grow over the years. In 2020, I did a review of the year and wrote my new resolutions for 2021 down. I really liked it and I want to make a tradition of it. So let’s begin with the review of 2021.

Well… where should I start. In the beginning of the year, I had my wisdom theeth operation. Luckily my face was not swollen but the first days were hurtful and they removed only one site, so two wisdom teeth and a few months later the other two. So I knew what’s gonna to happen. I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

In June, I stared with my bullet journal. I saw it so much on Pinterest, I then I though I need to start my ownSo I did it. Each month I have a theme but at the moment I don’t find the time to work on it and I didn’t wrote much in my diary as I wanted to write that year. Another thing that I did, was spending a lot of time to continue with my family tree. I asked some of my relative and looked through old documents and pictures. I need to find a better system and do more about it because in 2021 two relative died and it’s really sad that I can’t ask them anymore about their lives anymore.

Since July I have a part time job in a fashion store and since August, I’m doing an internship at a startup company.  So I work 6 days a week around 50 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don’t know how people still have the energy to do something, like a hobby or meeting friends after work. I’m always so exhausted when I get home :D.

Well I’m trying to work on it, to spend my time wisely. Less technical devices because I work the whole day on the computer and I need time to relax my eyes and my brain. I think reading, writing diaries, doing crossword puzzles or drawing would be good.

Other things that happened last year. The election of the new chancellor of Germany, I did a one day trip to Szczecin Polen in October, I saw my host family from the US in Germany, celebrated Christmas with my family and got my third vaccination against the COVID-19 virus.

Let’s see how I applied my 2021 resolutions:

My first resolution was to visit one country that I haven’t visit yet. Well I though because of COVID-19 it will be difficult but in October I decided to do a day trip from Berlin to Szczecin, Poland. I’ll write a blog post about it. So I traveled somehow. But I’m excited for future travel trip that I’ll take. I fullfilled this point.

The second was to take care of myself. I went to the doctor and did a blood test. Everything was good and I thing I figured it out which food I can’t eat anymore because my body can’t process it. But I want to check it with a doctor if I’m right, so I don’t buy expensive groceries for nothing.

The third resolution to do sport two to five times a week. I was so good in 2020 with it, but not I come so late home and I don’t have the energy to do sport in the evening. I have to figure it out somehow. Because maybe once per week is not enough.

The fourth was to read more (5 books in a year.)Well what should I say. I didn’t read even one book. Ops… I started maybe 5 books but I didn’t finish even one of them and I don’t know why. Okay, that’s isn’t true. I don’t spend my free time wisely. Instead of watching Youtube video, I could read a book. Maybe this year I’ll read more.

The fourth was to get a tattoo. I though about it many times and I know which studio I want to visit. But the problem was the money and the pandemic. To be honest, I also didn’t know exactly what I want. It’s a big decision for me. Maybe next year, maybe the year after it…  :DT

The sixth resolution was to work on my blog. At the first half of the year, I work a lot on my blog and post pictures on Pinterest but the other half. I didn’t do much besides planing post that I didn’t publish. So I have much work to do, if I want to keep up with blogging this year.

The seventh was personal growth. Well, of course I have grown last year and I watch some videos on youtube about it. I would say also the mini job and internship helped me a lot to grow as a personal and built a stronger character. This resolution will be continue until I’m dead because almost each day we learn something new or doing tasks that we are afraid of.

The eight and last resolution was getting a mini job and volunteer somewhere. I would say that I complete this resolution. Like I said, I got a mini job in a fashion store in July but I don’t volunteer somewhere yet. It’s okay, considering that I work often 6 days a week and I need one day to rest.

I’m total motivation for the new year and I hope it will be better then 2021.

Happy new year, even it’s late!


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