Update April 2023


this month I will only write a short update because I had my final exams for my apprenticeship earlier this week. I still can’t believe that I have the exams behind me. Fingers crossed that I passed everything.

May is a time of upheaval for me as I have to make a lot of decisions for example what to do after my apprenticeship, I have to change my health insurance and have to research which alternatives will work for me, cancel contracts in time, write job applications etc. In any case, it will not be boring, but at the same time I will again work 40 hours at my internship, do my 2 side jobs and have to study for my final exam. That will certainly not be easy. Time management is very important.

Also in May, there will be a similar ticket in Germany to the 9 euro monthly ticket last year, with which you could drive throughout Germany in local transportation (bus, subway, train…). This time 49 euros per month, you can again explore Germany a bit more. I’m really looking forward to it and have also planned to visit friends and implement content ideas.

I’m excited what the future will bring.



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