Update 1 year: 101 things in 1001 days

Times flies, I’m doing the 101 list challenge since a year now and I have to say that there were times where I did more or less. Overall I’ve completed 14 out of 101 and I started about 11. So I’m a little behind, because I would have to do about 33 things in a year to complete the challenge. I still have a long way to go. I’ll update the main blog post over the time. How about you, how much have you achieved after a year?


Start date: 28.03.2022

End date: 23.12.2024


1. Unplug From Everything For A Day (14.04.22)

That was one of the things I did first off the list. It wasn’t easy. If you click on the link you can read more about the experiment. 

2. 30 days challenge: Read for 20 Minutes a day

I’ve started I’ve started many times but I’ve never gotten over two days 😀

3. 30 days challenge: 10 min of Duolingo (French or Spanish)

I tried it, but sometime I forgot and then I had only 5 minutes left in the evening to do it until the next arrived. 

4. 30 days challenge: yoga

I haven’t try it yet. 

5. No phone before bed for a week straight

I didn’t started.

6. One week without social media

I also I didn’t started.

7. Complete a 365 day photo challenge (248/ 365)

In the beginning it was not so easy for me to take a photo regularly. Now it’s almost natural to take a selfie in the evening. My phone always reminds me of that too. 🙂

8. Keep a dream journal for one month

I haven’t try it yet. It will be so interesting to write the dreams down. I did it a few years ago and It’s crazy what I dream in only one night. 

9. Clean up 5 minutes a day for a month

I’ve started many times but never got past 5 days. It’s really annoying because it’s only 5 minutes a day.

10. Journal every day for a month
I want to do it, but I always haven’t “enough” time to do it, which isn’t true. 


11. Visit a friend in Lüneburg (08.07.-10.07.2022)

It was so nice to visit my friend in Lüneburg after a so long time. 

12. Spend a day in Potsdam

Well, I visited Potsdam back in 2022 for a few hours (maybe 3 hours) but I missed a lot of places. There is still so much to see. 

13. Visit the Sächsische Schweiz

Even Germany has nice places to visit and the sächsische Schweiz is a long time on my bucket list. Maybe this year, we will see. 

14. Visit 2 new Countries (1/2)

I love to travel so I’m really excited for this point. If everything will go as I plan,  it will be more than 2 countries until 2024, so fingers cross. The first country was Netherlands, where I visit a friends. 

15. Stay at a cute/ cool Airbnb

I didn’t find a cute airbnb yet, still looking for something nice. 

16. Visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

I hope that I will find a slot to visit Rome until 2024 because I have so much what I want to do, so it’s depends on the money and when I have time for it. 

17. Start to plan my travel around the world trip

It took me some time to finger out, when I’ll travel around the world and I started a little bit with it but I have still a lot of things to plan. 

Learning/ Development 

18. Finish 5 online courses (0/5)

I though, it would be easier but I’m still at my first course. 😦

19. Learn French/ Spanish with a tandem partner

It would we awesome to practice the languages with a tandem partner, but I didn’t found someone yet. 

20. Write all my bad memories on paper, burn this paper afterwards

I started with the list but I think, I’m not ready to burn it. Because I think that I still miss some things on the list. 

21. Complete the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind  (30/50)

Just 20 more questions left. It takes some times to think about the questions and write an answer to it down. 

22. Expand my vocabulary by 100 words (11/100)

Well, 100 is a little high but I still have some month left. 

23. Learn to identify 5 constellations (5/5) 

It’s nice to look in the sky and can name some constellations, that why I wanted to learn to identity at least 5 of them. 

24. Listen to 10 podcasts (10/10)

This one wasn’t hard, but it remained me to listen more to podcasts in the future.

25. Learn American sign language

Its great to know somethings in sign language. I watched one video about it but I do not count it, because I didn’t remember the signs.  

26. Learn to play chess

I always wanted to learn chess and a while ago, I download an app for it. Now I know the basics but I still have so much to learn, to win a game.

27. Read five life-improving books 0/5)

I started with some books but I didn’t finish one of them yet.

Professional/ Blog

28. Have an income from my blog

At the moment hopefully in the future. 

29. Create an email list

Not yet.

30. Get 100 followers on the blog (76/100)

Still a long way to go. 

31. Participate in a blogging challenge (Blogtober/Blogmas)

I have to find out what and when I want to do the challenge. 

32. Create a budget & savings plan and stick to it (Saving money for traveling)

I though about it, but I didn’t do the math yet.

33. Change my blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

A lot of work. 

34. Graduate my apprenticeship

Just a few months and then I’m done! 

35. Make a 5 years plan

I started to think about it. Maybe I have the next 3 years planed but not 5 years and I didn’t write it down yet. 

36. Go to a blogger meetup

Didn’t find one yet.

37. Buy a business outfit

I have almost everything besides the shoes. It isn’t easy to find a good looking and good fitting pair. 

38. Write at least a monthly blog post (12/34)

Still strong, I hope, that I will continue to write at least at one post a months. 


39. Write a story

When I was a kid, I loved to do it. It would be great to just write a story without thinking too much about what others think afterwards

40. Write a song

Also a thing that, I loved to do. Unfortunately later I stoped, so it would we nice to do it again. 

41. Follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial

It would be fun to do it. I still need to buy a canva for it. 

42. Sew clothes or something else

The sewing machine is at my parents house, so the next time, I must write it down for my visit.  

43. Paint a landscape picture outside

Also a point that I want to do at my parents house. 

44. Finish my US scrapbook books

Well, three years has past and it still not ready. It’s sad because Its really fun to get creative.

45. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find

I have to think about something inspiring and write it down.  

46. Complete my first bullet journal

Still a lot of pages to go. 

47. Write a poem and like it

The last time I wrote a poem was in school, that’s why I hesitate a little. 

48. Creative a inspiring wallpaper for my laptop background

I had some ideas for it but I didn’t take the time to create it. 

For fun

49. Make a playlist with my favourite songs

It was nice to listen to my liked songs and try to find out which ones are my favourites. 

50. Make 5 new offline friends (1/5)

It’s not that easy to make friends in a big city besides the Internet. 

51. Make ice cream from scratch

I need some preparation for it and the best time is summer to try it out. Only a few months more! 

52. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (9/26)

One of the best things on my list. Because its fun to find a movie to a particular letter. I struggle a lot with the letter “H” to find something interesting for me. But I made it at the end. I’m also trying to find movies that I’m not normally watch.  

53. Buy a drink at Starbucks and say a different name

Its funny but I wasn’t at Starbucks yet.

54. Be a part in speed dating event (05.08.2022)

Great experience, I had good conversations with the people but a lot of the guys were too old for me. 

55. Order food middle of the night

I wasn’t that hungry yet :/

56. Ask someone that like for his number

Why not?! I’m introverted but hopefully I’ll find the courage to do it. 

57.  Play glow in the dark mini golf

Another fun day. 

58. Apply for a reality show

It would be fun, not that I want to be in a reality show. 

59. Visit an escape room

It’s a fun experience but unfortunately I was not able to try it. 

60. Learn how to make 3 classic cocktails (0/3)

At the moment, I’m not drinking alcohol but its nice to know 3 cocktails to made. 

61. Celebrate my 25th birthday big (limousine)

Still two years to go. 

62. Ride with a motorcycle

Maybe at my parents house. 

63. Try geocaching

I already download the app for it. Now I need a good day with great weather. 

64. Get a massage (08.11.2022)

My birthday gift for myself. It felt good until I got back pain after a few hours after it. 

Things to do/experience:

65. Participate in a volunteer project (CSD Berlin 23.07.2022)

It was my first real volunteer experience, which was fun. I really want to do another volunteer projects in the future.

66. Have a sister-day date

Hopefully this summer, it’s also an easy and fun one. 

67. Find out my blood type

It would be interesting, but I didn’t find it out yet. 

68. Plant a tree

Not yet, but I think I’ll find an opportunity to do it. 

69. Start to collect the life stories of family members

Older relatives are dying so it would be nice to speak with them when they are still alive. I’m sure that they have so my stories to tell. I already started to write down some questions or things that I want to know and which persons I want to ask.

70. Visit a cat café

I already looked for a cat cafe in Berlin but I hadn’t the time yet to call them and make a reservation to visit it. I’m sure the Japanese cat cafe are much nicer but this is also okay for now. 

71. Try the hello Fresh Box

So long I want to try it. I think the hype got me because its not that cheap but yeah, its great to try new thinks out. 

72. Try a new dance class

I did some researches but I haven’t signed up for a trial lesson yet

73. Be able to do a split

Not even close. 😀

74. Go to meet up event

I didn’t find something yet which I’m interested in.

75. Get a tattoo

I really want to tattoo but Its so hard to deside where and which motive. So it will take some more time. 

76. Play the lottery (not online) 24.03.2023

I played lotto with my family years ago but I never did it by myself. 

77. Go to the cinema by myself

To be honest, I haven’t checked the cinema program and what interests me.

78. Buy a piece at a second hand store

Berlin has so many second hand store, maybe I should take a free day and visit some of them. 

79. Watch 5 classic movies (0/5)

I don’t understand, why I didn’t started, it isn’t even that hard. 

80. Watch 5 documentary (2/5)

I don’t know, why I didn’t watch more documentary yet, because I like that I learn so much. I watched “Our father”, “Secrets of the saqqara tomb” and I started the “Seaspircy” documentary all three on Netflix.  For me it was important that I watch different documentaries, to learn or get to know something new in many areas.

81. Work on my problem which follow me since childhood

I’m trying to work on it. Some days are easier than others.

82. Take a family picture

Hopefully we will take a picture this easter. 

83. Eat in the typical “American diner” in Berlin

I always walk past it but I wasn’t in it yet. 

84. Buy a plant and keep it alive

Well, I didn’t buy a plant yet, because I’m afraid that it will die fast.  

85. Buy a new glass

It will be super expensive so I hesitate a little. 

86. Buy a hair laser remover 10.01.2023

One of the best decisions that I made in buying things. I’m still the process to eliminate the hair on my body 😀

87. Apply to an agency to become a extra in a movie/ tv show

I’m so excited! In a few months I’ll apply for an agency then I’ll have a little more time for it. 

88. Wear contact lenses more often

I haven’t contact lenses yet. It’s almost the same with the glasses it will be expensive. 

89. Go on a big bike ride tour

I’m looking forward to it, hopefully this summer with my sister. 

90. Visit doctors one a year (ophthalmologist, dentist…)

Last year, I visited the dentist but not the ophthalmologist so I’m not sure if it still counts for last year.

91. Improve my posture

I imporoved my posture a little bit and I have lesser back pain but I’m still not at the point that I want to be. But it’s good that I keep reminding myself when I’m slouched.

92. Have a good skin care routine

I don’t found a good routine so far.

93. Confirm my food intolerance

I haven’t been to the doctor yet. It’s getting worse and worse so I’ll have to get it checked out.

94. Learn to do 5 push-ups in a row

Haha, it’s a little embarrassing but I can’t do it yet 😀 

95. Declutter my room at my parents house with the MarieKondo method

Cleaning and decluttering feels so good but I’m not that often that my parents house, so I didn’t to it yet. 

96. Take a self defense class

I wanted to look for a course, but somehow I didn’t do it.

97. Cook 5 new recipes (2/5)
I like to cook and my pinterest board is full with recipes ideas but sometime the motivation is missing. Because it takes a lot of time to try a new recipes. The two recipes that I tried were: filled bell peppers with rice, corn, black beans and with cheese. The other recipes was zucchini noodles with soy strips, tomatoes, radishes and pine nuts. Both were super delicious 😛

98. Take a DNA Test (10.12.2022)

I was super excited to find more about my ancestry out. So after years I took a DNA test. The result wasn’t that surprising but still interesting because I thought I’m more than 80 % German with wasn’t true.  

99. Write a letter to myself and open it when the 1001 days are over (03.04.2022)

I did this right at the beginning and I can’t wait to open the letter because I find what I wrote in the letter interesting. So you can also compare how you have developed over time.

100. For everything that I don’t complete, donate 1 €

Well, only at the end I’ll see how much I didn’t complete. 

101. Inspire someone to start a 101 things in 1001 days list (my sister)

This one was easy because my sister was interest in the challenge and it’s nice to talk with someone about it. We try to push each other to finish some of the things.



Saskia ❤

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