Extends Update / Au Pair #5

Hey people,

I’ll do a short update. So now I’m almost one year in the United States. It’s crazy how fast the times flies. I decided to stay for another year with my host family and I’m so happy for that opportunity. More travel, meeting people and live my life.

I don’t travel so much in the first year, but I would like to change it. I was in San Francisco, Anchorage, Portland, New York City, Chicago and Vancouver (Canada). Only with my au pair money that I get. Tomorrow I’ll travel to Big Island, Hawaii. Seeing so many cities and places are awesome! When you think about extension: Don’t regret it later that you didn’t do it. Its a super opportunity to grow your personality, see the world and making friends from different countries. Your life is still here when you come back. Also decide if you want to stay with your currently host family or a different. Maybe in another state. It’s depends on you. The door is open to more adventures.

PS: More Updates after Hawaii!



threatyoubetterwiths ❤

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