1. Unplug from everything for a day

When I did the challenge, I had easter vacation and I spend my free time at my parents house. That was the perfect timing to try out the one point “Unplug from everything for a day” of my 101 things in 1001 days list. The area my parents live in is very rural so there weren’t many distractions to interfere with the experiment.

On Thursday, 14th of April in the morning around 9 am, I started to turn off my phone. I did it after I woke up because I used my phone to wake me up. The first hours were okay. I went with my family to the grocery store “Globus”, so I had my phone with me just in case someone want to see my covid vaccination. After that we ate and my sister and I did crossword puzzles for a while. In the afternoon, I took a nap and then I started to read the book “The 1% method”. But than I had the feeling that someone will text me and I didn’t answer in time. Which isn’t true, it’s okay to not response to message right away.


In my opinion the day felt like longer than usual  because I didn’t had the distractionJust a few minutes on the phone turned someday to hours. Just scrolling through social media, watching youtube videos or a tv Show on Netflix. I wanted to do the challenge before but it isn’t that easy. Not only we are addicted to technical devices, we use our phones for everything. You can call and text someone, take photos, it’s a clock, we use it as a navigator, listen to music or google things if we don’t know the answer and many more things. So it is very useful, if you use it wisely. I want to try it again someday, because I want to be  productive and cross many points on my to do’s as I can. Maybe next time longer then a day and with a concrete plan.

Did you tried to unplug for a while? How did you felt?



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