Update May 2022


I hope you doing well. This month I just post an update and some thought.

I can believe it’s already the end of may. Just a blink and it’s the middle of the year. Unbelievable how fast the time goes by. The last weeks, I worked a lot and I didn’t had time to write a blog post. But I was on Pinterest and I saw many bucket list ideas, so I added some to my bucket list. The list is growing and growing but that makes it so excited to work on it and cross out the points, one by one. 

By the way lists. I’m not so good to doing things out of my 101 things in 1001 days list. Somehow I forget it, I don’t have time or the motivation. I must work on that. Maybe I should start again to write down a week do to list. Otherwise I’ll not finish the list and I don’t want to fail. Much more, I want to prove to myself that I put effort to follow my dream, the things that I want to do in my life and improve myself. It remains exciting. 

I’m happy that it’s finally warm outside and in July I’ll have three weeks off, so I have time to travel. The government in Germany reduced the price of public transportation for the population from to 9 euros per month from June to August. 9 euros, throughout Germany. It’s sooo crazy. You can travel just for 9 euros from Berlin to Munich. Unfortunately, you aren’t allow to use the ICE or EC, so it will take much longer but the price is unbeatable. I’m afraid that the public transportation will be super crowed but it’s a great change to see more of my home country. I’ll definitely write some post about it. 

Stay tunes!!



Saskia ❤

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