June 2022


I know just another monthly update..

Times flies so fast and I don’t find the time to work on my blog, but in July I’ll have vacation. That’s the right time and I’ll travel a little bit. Visit a friend, visit my family and going to cities near Berlin.  In the beginning of the month my sister visit me in Berlin. We went shopping and bought food at a Asia store to cook at home. Another day we visited the “Museum für Naturkunde” which was really inspiring. There were many skeleton, information about the origin of the earth and the first living beings. I’ts also a great place for kids. 

After the museum the went to the pergamonmuseum which I visited the previous month but I loved the museum so much that I bought my sister to it. We took photos in front of the Ischtar gate and we read a lot of the history of the east countries. Then we had a little bit time so we went to the “Futurium”. The museum is for free and you can learn thinks about consuming, how the world can look in a future, what are the ideas and plans to implement that. It’s interesting, but at the same time frighting. 

That day we had such a museums day, haha. The last museum was at the  “Humboldt Forum” and we went there to see the exhibition “ethnological museum & museum for asian art”. I didn’t know what to expect but my expectations were exceeded. Such a great exhibition with a lot of statues and asian art (you didn’t say :D). Unfortunately, the time which sister came quick to a end and she went home,

The rest of the months I worked a lot, tried to do things from my 101 things in 1001 days list which wasn’t that great. I went shopping and enjoyed the warm wetter on a boat on the Wannsee. 




Saskia ❤


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