Visit a friend in Lüneburg, Germany


I’ve had vacation for the last few weeks. I really enjoyed and used that time. Because I was visiting a friend I met as an au pair in Seattle. After three and a half years we saw each other again. Hard to believe it’s been so long.

Because Germany has just introduced the 9 Euro ticket for public transport for June until August, I took the opportunity to use it to travel from Berlin. It was very crowded on the trains and I had to change trains several times, but the procedure was worth it. After about 3 hours of driving we were able to give us a hug again. We drove to Lüneburg’s city center the next day. My friend wanted to do a few more things and we walked through the city. The old houses look very cute, like from another century. In these old houses there are also normal shops like H&M, grocery stores etc.

Our first stop was in the historic Water District. There you have a beautiful view of the city and the water from the Brause Bridge. This is where the featured image came from. You will also walk past the old crane, which, like the city itself, is full of stories. I also tried the fames bubble tea for the first time together with my friend. Since this is always so hyped, we wanted to try it too. However, I have to say that I’m not a big fan of it. It’s just way too sweet and the bubbles aren’t that tasty either. But it’s definitely a matter of taste. We ate at Peter Pan for lunch. This restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan burgers, which are very tasty. After that we strolled around the city a bit.

Here are some impressions. There is of course much more to see and it is worth wandering down the back streets and taking the time to explore the city.

The old council pharmacy

Unfortunately, we didn’t visit the Lüneburger Heide. However, I still want to visit it someday. It’s supposed to be dreamy. On the same evening we went to a riflemen’s festival, which took in the village where my friend lives. But it was more like a fairground, expect for the occasional boys and men in a rifle uniforms. Everything seemed so familiar. Because I grew up in a small town and we also had a lot of festivals. Something I miss these old parties in Berlin.

Lüneburg is definitely worth a trip! 


Saskia ❤

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