Let’s visit Lübeck, Germany

Another spontaneous trip which I took with my sister this year. Lübeck is a northern German city in Schleswig-Holstein distinguished by Brick Gothic architecture, which dates to its time as the medieval capital of the Hanseatic League, a powerful trading confederation. Its symbol is the Holstentor, a red-brick city gate that defended the river-bounded Altstadt (old town).

The best way to get to Lübeck is on a day trip from Hamburg, Schwerin or Rostock, to name a few big cities. Perfectly accessible by car but above all by train. You can also easily walk through the city.

We decided to take a leisurely stroll through the city. From the train station we walked over the Puppenbrücke to our first stop: the Holstentor, which was built in 1464. Although the weather didn’t quite play along, there were already crowds of tourists in front of the gate, who were busy taking photos. It wasn’t easy to find an angle where there were fewer people in the background. But somehow we made it.

From time to time we sat down on the park bench, talked and ate the snacks we had brought with us. Later we also got a vegan Rafael Wrap. We really hadn’t made a plan as to what exactly we were going to look at. That’s why we walked through the old town and rattled off places like the historic town hall staircase, the town hall, the market square and some clothes shops.

To be honest we only wanted to visit the Holstentor. But Lübeck has so much more to offer. So take your time to walk around and we amuse by the cute buildings. I definitely will come back to visit the rest of Lübeck. 


Saskia ❤

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