A short trip to Greifswald, Germany


I visited my family last week and my sister and I really wanted to use the 9 euro ticket because it will no longer be available from September. (Action, then you can travel through Germany by public transport from June to August 2022 for 9 euros a month.)

We decided to go to Greifswald, about 2 hours from Rostock by regional train. The morning started well as there were many football fans at the train station. The train looked accordingly, but we didn’t let that spoil our mood.

We had to change again in Stralsund and then we were in Greifswald. Our first stop was the monastery ruins of Eldena. From the main station we took line 2 in the direction of “Wieck, Brücke” and rode it to the terminus. My first impression of Greifswald was that it’s a quiet cute town on the water. Arrived we could already see some sailing boats and cute cafes and restaurants on the waterfront. After a quick look at cell phone, my sister and I walked about 6 minutes.

Now the ruins lay before us. We were able to explore the area almost without other people. Rich of history. Five kilometres east of Greifswald, the former Cistercian monastery of St Hilda was founded around 1200. The Eldena Monastery served as the burial place of Pomeranian dukes and duchesses, for secular believers of rank and standing and for friars.


In between we visit the beach. No, we weren’t there to swim. It was also too cold that day, but I walked along the water and finally sat on a bench. There we unpacked our snacks, took a break and talked. After that we took the bus downtown, there was a little more going on there. We looked and briefly at the town hall and walked through the city. Keep going straight until we came to a park.

Finally, we decided to go to the botanical garden, as it is very close to the main train station. There has been a botanical garden in the university and Hanseatic city of Greifswald since 1763 to convey knowledge about plants in a vivid way. We weren’t quite sure when it was open. That’s why check the opening times again beforehand. During the visit we stayed in the front part of the garden. There were the typical plants, such as thyme, chives but also plants like chickpeas. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to explore everything, so my tip to you: bring some time.

So if you’re on the corner, visit Greifswald. You can also combine the trip with Stralsund or with Usedom.



6 thoughts on “A short trip to Greifswald, Germany

  1. I love seeing “hidden” gems from my home country! Getting of the path is my favourite way of exploring countries. I haven’t been to Greifswald yet, but big thanks to you now I want to go there 🙂

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    1. Saskia's travel blog <3

      Thank you for your comment. Greifswald is a cute place to visit and it’s not to far from Stralsund and Usedom 🙂


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