How to save money for traveling?

Has it been on your bucket list for a long time to take a trip around the world or to finally book that vacation to Greece that you’ve been wanting to book for three years now, but you don’t have the necessary money for it? They say you need about €13,000 for a low budget trip around the world. Of course it depends on you, how your travel style is and where you want to go. All beginnings are hard but it’s worth starting early enough, if you know you want to do a round the world trip in 3 years or a three week trip to Canada in a year, start putting money aside for it now!

Here are my tips:

  1. Living situation:

If you have the chance to stay with your family or friends for a while, you will save tremendous money on rent. If it is unfortunately not possible, then you can still move into a shared apartment or sublet a room.

2. Work

It depends on your current work situation but you could look for a side job, perfectly compatible with school, studies or even with your main job. Examples would be:

  • Babysitting
  • Tutoring lessons
  • Work as a hostess/promoter
  • Waiter / Bartender
  • Salesman
    Even better would be to work full time, this way you will get the travel money you need the fastest. Of course, depending on the industry and your experience.

3. Saving plan

Make a plan of what you will spend your money on and set a realistic goal of how much you can set aside for your dream of traveling. What is your goal? How much money do you want to save? Write everything down in detail. It’s crazy to see all at once what you spend your money on each month. Every little bit helps, if you buy a coffee every third day, you’ll save quite a bit. Also helps you later to manage your travel fund, so you can get the best out of your money and collect beautiful memories on your trip.

4. Free time

What do you spend your money on in your free time? Can you reduce these costs? Do you really need that 20th shirt? Also think about how often you go out to eat. Just because you save money doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with friends and just sit at home. There are so many things you can do with friends that cost little to no money for example:

  • Visit free museums
  • go to the lake
  • go to parks and get something to snack on
  • movie nights or cooking nights at home

There are no limits to your creativity.

5. Cancel subscriptions

Who doesn’t know it, you have a subscription for Netflix, Spotify, gym etc. there accumulates quite a bit. Do you use all services/offers regularly or can you do without some for a few months?

There are plenty more things you can do but you can start with this 5 tips at first to get closer to your dream.


Saskia ❤

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